The creator of [ sumi works ]

Calligraphy artist/designer based in Copenhagen via NY and Tokyo. The name “sumi” stands for sumi ink as her primary art material.

While living and working in NY as a designer in the US media industry for over a decade, she refined her artistic style through her work in video, film, photography and performing arts. Then in Copenhagen, she returned to her artistic root, Japanese Shodo calligraphy, which she had been practiced since age 6 in her native Japan. It has led her to revisit Japanese traditional arts to assimilate the arts and modern design with a new insight.

She reinvents Shodo calligraphy in a contemporary perspective blending Japanese aesthetic and Scandinavian sensibility. Her works merge traditional calligraphy with modern abstract expressionism with organic shapes, textures, and letters in a minimal abstract style. She continues to explore Shodo calligraphy beyond tradition in different forms, such as paintings, drawings, illustrations, textile design, mural design, logo design, and surface design. Her works have been exhibited in museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions in the Europe, US and Japan.


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